Our Lay Ministry Team members are ready and willing to help, by listening to or simply sitting with you. Feel free to contact any one of them.

The Rev. Roger Peltier, Assistant Minister for Pastoral Care, 401-965- 1212, rep112@gmail.com

Elissa Emerson, 386-717- 1535, tobeyrainbow@yahoo.com

Mary Frappier, 401-521-7951, MFrappier210@gmail.com

Nicholas Friesner, 41 0-598-1298, nicholasfriesner@gmail.com

Domenic Napolitano, 401-374-4286, dnapo1it33@yahoo.com

Sandy Schacht, 401-474-2478, ahschacht@aol.com

Andy Wilby, 310-944-4803, adwilby@gmail.com