Prudential Committee

The Prudential Committee, also known as the “PruComm,” is the governing board of the church. It is composed of six officers — President, President-elect, Past President, Clerk, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer — and six other voting members of the church.

Four committee members serve as liaisons to the four ministries of the church: Spiritual Development, Community Life and Heritage, Stewardship, and Social Justice. They provide support and communication to the groups, committees, and leaders under each ministry umbrella. Two additional members oversee the Personnel Committee and the First U strategic planning process.

The PruComm sets policy and long-term goals, establishes committees, hires professional staff other than the minister, manages the operating budget in accordance with the by-laws, and performs other necessary duties.

Members are elected to three-year terms. Officers are elected annually to one-year terms. Clerk, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer are renewable annually.

Prudential Committee officers:

Hillary Salmons – President

Joan Richards – Past President

Karen Silva – President-elect

Kate Niles – Clerk

John Dooley – Treasurer

Chris Campanile – Assistant Treasurer

Prudential Committee members:

Katy Killilea – Community Life and Heritage (Term ends 2026)

Lisa Voutes – Social Justice (2025)

Alison Green – Spiritual Development (2024)

Andy Wilby – Stewardship (2023)

Peter Laarman- Strategic Planning (2025)

Dana Borrelli-Murray – Personnel (2025)

Nominating Committee:

The six-member Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and developing church leadership. Members are elected for two-year terms. In addition to recruiting for elected positions, they help identify committee chairs.

Nominating Committee members have an understanding of the structure and work of the organization, leadership needs, and the special qualifications needed for elected and appointed positions.

Current Nominating Committee members:

  • Richard Boober (2024)
  • Michael Currier (2024)
  • Cynthia Rosengard (2024)
  • Svetlana Goretaya (2025)
  • Rebecca Alberg (2025)
  • Sandy Schacht (2025)


The Deacons support the ministers by developing activities and programs that promote fellowship, spiritual well-being, and a sense of belonging among newcomers, members, and friends. Deacons also seek ways to support communication and understanding, increase awareness of needs, and enhance the sense of community as a safe environment for spiritual growth. The congregation elects three new Deacons every year, who each serve three-year terms. Activities have included:

  • Usher and greet newcomers, friends, and members on Sunday mornings
  • Reach out to members and friends to check in by phone or other means
  • Assist in welcoming and orientation for new members
  • Help plan and run community events such as Wassail Party and May Breakfast

Current deacons (with their term end year) include:

  • Sorrel Devine – 2024
  • Nancy Green – 2024
  • Arlene McGonagle – 2024
  • Charlie Ortman – 2025
  • Amy Grant – 2025
  • David Spremulli – 2025
  • Steve McCloy – 2026
  • Tony Allen – 2026
  • Joyce Boober – 2026

Right Relations Advisory Committee:

  • Jay Glasson, Chair