Since forming our partnership with
the First Unitarian Church in Szentegyhaza,
members of First Unitarian have visited
with the church four times.


2006  – First Visit Exploratory Visit

2012 –  Second Visit to the Village


2015 – Third Visit to the Village


2019 – Fourth Visit to the Village


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  • 1921     First Congregational, now First Unitarian starts a partnership with a village in Transylvania.
  • 1945     WWII causes relationship to cease.
  • The fall of Romania to Communism further suspends the relationship.
  • 2004     First U meets with Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council to discuss reestablishing a partnership in Transylvania.
  • 2006     First Visit First U members travel to Transylvania to explore possibilities of a partnership.
  • 2007     First U congregation votes to establish a partnership with the Unitarian Church in Szentegyhaza.
  • 2008     Rev Kellerman and President Sandor Racz visit Providence, RI.
  • 2010     Messages between congregations initiated
  • 2012     Second Visit to the Village.
  • 2013     Partner Church Sunday Service is celebrated
  • 2015     Third Visit to the Village.
  • 2019     Fourth Visit to the Village
  • 2020     Monthly Zoom meetings with our partners started
  • 2021     First Partner Church Sunday zoom service which had participation from both congregations. Click here to relive that Sunday celebration.