For questions or more information, please contact
Greg Kniseley, Social Justice Ministry liaison.
You can find his contact information in our Realm online church directory,
or you can email or call the church office.

1. First U Member’s Name and Contact Information (e-mail or phone):
2. Name of Proposed cause, Charity or Project to Receive Community Collection:
3. Describe (one paragraph) the cause, charity or project that you are proposing to receive a Community Collection:
4. Explain (one paragraph) why you feel this is a cause, charity or project worthy of support from the First Unitarian Church.
5. Sponsoring Group: Name of First U committee/program or 2 supporting church members submitting the proposal:
Sponsoring Committee OR names of two other individuals who support this request.
6. Has a request to provide support via the First Unitarian Community Collection for this cause, charity or project been approved in previous years?
Thank you for submitting your request. You will be notified by May 31 if your request has been approved, and for which month. Please submit this form no later than April 30.