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What is Realm?

Welcome to Realm, First Unitarian’s new communications tool. Realm contains the names and contact information of all contributing members and friends. It provides our church staff with the administrative tools they need to run the daily operations of our church. If they need to call you, text you, send you email or postal mail, Realm provides them with your numbers and addresses.

However, you are in complete control of who beyond the church staff can access your contact information. You can decide whether or not to share your phone numbers and addresses with other First U members. Realm lets you customize your information sharing.

Realm can be a helpful resource for easily and quickly connecting you with others in your group, committee, or the wider congregation. It can provide you with many other time-saving capabilities as well. Login today if you haven’t already, and begin to experience First U’s newest communication tool.

Note: Realm replaced the former First Unitarian Photo Directory powered by Instant Church Directory on January 1, 2022.