Lessons for Future Ancestors

“Let us measure success by how many of us can say: I am living a life I don’t regret. A life that will resonate with my ancestors” -adrienne maree brown

Join us for a reflection of heavy suitcases, surprise turning points, and attending to the complexity of our … read more.

The ‘Interim’ and a new DRE

The congregation will be invited into the process of searching for a full-time, settled Director of Religious Education. The service will begin with everyone of every age in the Meeting House, as we talk about how this search affects all First U members of every … read more.

Something New Under the Sun

In this time of Hight Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur approaching, Rev. Liz will reflect on starting fresh even when so much has gone before and even when we are burdened. We can always prepare for what can be next, even for … read more.