2019-20 Prudential Committee


Members and areas of responsibility:

Cheryl Bartholomew – president

John Simmonds – past president

Michael Capelli – president elect

Claire Rosenbaum – clerk

Roberta Groch – treasurer

David Francis – assistant treasurer

Samantha Cole – community life

Greg Knisley – social justice

David Spremulli – spiritual development

Tiffany Reed – stewardship

Caroline Mailloux – strategic planning

Edyth Warren – personnel


Nominating Committee

The six-member Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and developing church leadership. Members are elected for two-year terms. In addition to recruiting for elected positions, they help identify committee chairs.

Nominating Committee members have an understanding of the structure and work of the organization, leadership needs, and the special qualifications needed for elected and appointed positions.

Nominating Committee members 2019-19:

Anne Boyd

Paul Brule

Elissa Emerson

Merritt Meyer

Lisa Rose

Kelley Smith



The Deacons create opportunities for hospitality, fellowship, and a sense of belonging among newcomers, members, and friends. They are elected by the congregation to five-year terms. Recent activities include ushering on Sunday mornings, phoning members and friends to check in, assisting the minister with annual communion service.

2019-2020 deacons:

Tony Allen

Jim Barfoot

Nori Duncan

Judie Knilans

Max Pounder

Sandy Schacht

Karen Silva

Louise Sloan

Meghan Smith