Donations are one-time gifts of any size.  You can make a donation to the church at any time, for many reasons, and in many ways.  Depending on how you designate your donation, the church will use your donation either for general purposes or for a special purpose. Following are ways you can make a donation.


To make your cash donation online at any time from any place, using your computer, phone or tablet, simply click here.

Through the offering plate

Most Sunday offering plate collections go toward First Unitarian’s mission. Once a month First Unitarian donates its non-pledge offering to a charitable cause chosen by our Community Collections Committee.  To donate to that charitable cause, put cash or a check in the collection basket and put Community Collection in the memo field.

Directly to the church office

You can mail or drop off cash or checks to the church office.  Be sure to designate the purpose of your donation in the memo field.

Other ways

You can also give to First Unitarian through an IRA, annuity, life insurance policy, certificate of deposit, split interest asset, trust, or will. All gifts of any size are gratefully welcomed.

Planned giving

Our congregation has a long tradition of planned giving, with the first bequest made in 1803. Members and friends have followed that example for over 200 years. Planned giving has sustained and advanced the values and actions that lie at the core of our faith community. We encourage all supporters to consider leaving a gift to the endowment in their will, thus becoming a member of our Benevolent Society.


If you have questions, please contact the church office at 401-421-7970.