Speaker: Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

Me Three

This Sunday’s service will explore the impact on all of us – and on our church – of changing values around sexual ethics, truth, what we owe ourselves, and what we owe each other.  We’ll consider hard experiences and concerns held by members of our … read more.

What’s It Worth To Ya?

Rev. Liz and a special guest star will kick off our Commitment Drive this morning with some very special music and a very special service with a very special surprise.  No, we’re not telling you more. But suffice it to say that you won’t want … read more.

Winter Solstice Service

Join us as we celebrate the shortest day of the year and turn the corner to longer days. Everyone is invited to participate in one of three activities: a musical activity, a craft project, or a story telling.

Spiritual but Not Religious: The Separation of Church and Faith

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Once when I was skimming the Unitarian Universalist Association Bookstore Catalogue, I thought I saw, as the pages flipped past, this title: How to Pray Without Being Religious.  What?!  … read more.

On Being Not Resigned

All Souls, all Hallows Eve, are right around the corner.  Our service this Sunday will honor the souls lost from this church community in the past year, and explore the wisdom and power even in our inevitably futile resistance to losing those we love.

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To listen … read more.

Doubling Down on Hope

This music-filled service of celebration and spirit will explore ways we can cultivate hope – even when we’re feeling hopeless.

David B. Smith has served All Souls in Tulsa as Associate Director of Music since 2008 and as the Executive Director of Worship since 2014. Prior … read more.