Speaker: Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

New Mission Statement Reveal

Join us this Sunday as First U’s new mission statement is revealed during the worship service at 10:30am. Members of the Mission Statement Task Force will join Rev. Liz for this special presentation.

Until we can safely gather in our Meeting House again, tune in the … read more.

Gnosticism and Agnosticism: Part 2

We will explore essential questions of faith: how we know what we know, how we believe what we believe.  Using ancient texts from the Gnostic Gospels and the Gospel According to John, to late Middle Ages The Cloud of Unknowing, to the 19th c. writings … read more.

Broken and Whole

What happens if you can’t get your “old life” back? Are there new forms of wholeness that we can seek?

Members, friends, visitors – from wherever in the world you may be – we invite you to join us this Sunday. You will hear inspiring messages, … read more.

Love Lessons



Sermon Text

“Love is a many-splendored thing.”  So, so true.  It is a many splendored thing – and also sometimes it’s a mess.  Ideally, even the messes can get us, did get us, to a better place, to a capacity for our loving to be wiser, … read more.

Building Bridges

We invite you to worship with First Unitarian – members, friends, visitors, from wherever in the country or world you may be. This Sunday’s virtual service features Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay reflecting on a multi-cultural world and how our differences may influence our interactions.


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How do we deal with our aspirations? Do we go after them, or do we prefer to simply have them? Do we risk having big ones?

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Where do we go now, after the election? We may be elated or deflated. But we, as a people and a nation, will need to find ways to reconcile and heal.

Join us on Sunday morning at 10:30am for our virtual worship service, livestreamed from First … read more.