Speaker: Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

Celebrating Cathy Seggel

Our long-time and much-loved Director of Religious Education, Cathy Seggel, is retiring after nearly 30 years of service at First U. This service will celebrate her in many ways, including with special guests. A celebration reception, with food, fun, and more surprises, will be held … read more.

Peculiar Travel Suggestions

Rev. Liz will share “Reflections on a Pilgrimage,” after the 10-day Scotland hiking pilgrimage with 12 members of the church. Listen to some stories of how the trip inspired the hikers, and what the other ‘pilgrims’ learned about Rev. Liz’s sabbatical plans. If you cannot … read more.

First U and its History with Race

As we continue to explore the history of First U as part of the celebration of our 300th anniversary, Rev. Liz reflects on what we have been learning about First U and race in Providence and Rhode Island. Our History Committee has hired a researcher … read more.

Spring Returns

Longer days, warmer weather, brighter sun, and renewed creation are just some of the things we associate with Spring. These days, we also have constantly shifting realities and new and rejuvenated activity. Join us for a lively service about what’s new and what’s on the … read more.

Enough is Enough

This Sunday will introduce our March theme of “Letting Go.” Join Rev. Liz, Rev. Roger, and Music Director Jeff for this celebration of worship (which will NOT include any musical selections from Frozen!). Explore what it means to NOT maintain strict control over everything. Our … read more.

More About Love

‘Love’ has so many different meanings that the Greek language has several different words to describe the variety of aspects. On this day before Valentine’s Day, Rev. Liz will reflect on Romantic love and what it means to be fulfilled in Love. Click here … read more.