Speaker: Rev. Roger Peltier

Practice Dying – All Souls Sunday

What would you imagine dying has to teach us about living? Is it helpful to say “Live each day as if it were your last…” or is this just a worn out cliche? There is perhaps nothing more captivating to our imaginations and our fears … read more.

Blessing of the Animals Multi-Gen

Instruments of Peace. Most of us know well the peace of wild things—or not-so-wild pets. At this Multi-Gen service, with our furry friends in tow, we will celebrate this St. Francis day with our annual Blessing of the Animals. Be sure to bring a pet … read more.

Living LGBTQ – The Lost Boy

Most of us think the advent of Marriage Equality has made living LGBTQ breezy and easy. We can’t imaging feeling so much shame that we would draw the shades and hide ourselves for years. And we have forgotten that suicide remains the highest cause of … read more.

Multi-gen Homecoming service

Please note that pandemic protocols have been lifted. We are worshiping and singing in person, and masks are welcome but not required.

Our Homecoming service features our traditional and much-loved Water Communion. Bring some water that holds some meaning from your summer adventures. Join Rev. Roger, … read more.

Un-judge You

Many say good judgement is necessary for a good life. But what do we make of our judgement toward other people—especially those different from us? Is this still a good thing? And what of kindness? Whose is it to judge and just what is a … read more.

Partner Church Sunday

This Sunday is our annual celebration of our relationship with our partner church in Transylvania. Rev. Roger and members of the Partner Church committee will help make this relationship come alive with stories and song. Join us at 10:30 on our YouTube channel.

Broken Whole

Our worship theme for October, “Unity and Diversity,” seemingly puts together two competing or divergent ideas. For example, can something that is broken be called whole? Is there beauty in the breaking? We will consider this dynamic and the spiritual lessons inherent therein. We’ll also … read more.

Get Happy

As we welcome the New Year, we will still be dealing with the stress, disappointment, and losses from COVID. Our eyes will be on the political landscape with some worry about what might happen at the presidential inauguration at the end of January. At a … read more.

The Blame Game

Since the time of Adam and Eve, there’s always someone blaming someone or something for what befalls us. Are we too quick to cast judgement and assign blame? Could there be other interpretations? To use a word from Rev. Liz, what might happen if we … read more.