Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

When the Window Becomes a Mirror

Liz was joined by her good friend and esteemed colleague Rev. Roger Bertschausen, Executive Director of the UU Partner Church Council. International partnerships such as First Unitarian’s partnership with the Unitarian Church in Szentegyháza, Transylvania, offer extraordinary opportunities to learn from differences and similarities and … read more.

Vocation is about Love

A Sermon by Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay
Sermon Text

Often when I’m researching a sermon I look all over for wisdom – magazines and journals, scripture, poetry, movies, music, Wikipedia (of course) and so forth.  When I was researching this morning’s topic, ‘vocation’ I was excited about … read more.

Blessing and the Space Between Us

We think of blessings as lofty, as religious, as formal; sometimes also as immediate, secular, and intimate – the blessing of a child, the blessing of a reprieve with a good medical result. But between the sublime and the mundane is another space and another … read more.