Speaker: Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

More About Love

‘Love’ has so many different meanings that the Greek language has several different words to describe the variety of aspects. On this day before Valentine’s Day, Rev. Liz will reflect on Romantic love and what it means to be fulfilled in Love. Click here … read more.

Gratuitous Grace

Annie Dillard says, “In nature I find grace… I find mystery, newness, and a kind of exuberant, spendthrift energy.” Join us at 10:30 am on our YouTube channel as Rev. Liz continues her reflections on Grace. This service will focus on the grace in nature, … read more.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday

Join us as we celebrate the life and legacy of one of the most important leaders of our time. Rev. King’s message of justice and hope is even more relevant today, and we will spend some time reflecting on his inspiration and our future. The … read more.


Join us as we reflect on and celebrate the gift of light which is symbolized in the ageless observance of Hanukkah.

Heeding the Call

Vocation and Calling is our Meeting House theme this month. Worship this morning will ask what calls us. What theology, what traditions, what values, what places, what yearnings call to us?  Especially now, when so much is asked of us, are we able to attend … read more.

Reclaiming Life

Everything’s different. Everything’s the same. Things are constantly changing, improving, regressing. COVID changes everything and nothing. Now we’re at least coming back together, not only at church but with family and friends – and it’s not easy.  We didn’t like being apart and being isolated, … read more.

A Celebration of Fred Jodry

Join us this Sunday as we honor Music Director Fred Jodry on his last day with us after serving First Unitarian for the past 20 years. You’ll hear lots of special music and a live choir plus a special celebration of Fred’s time with us. … read more.