Twists and Turns Along the Way

We all have our paths in life. Lisa, like many of us, has traveled a path with many twists and turns, hills and valleys along the way. She is looking back from this vantage point and realizes that, for all the challenges along her unique path, she is grateful for the blessings she has gathered, including the lessons learned. And ultimately, she is always just where she should be.

Lisa Rose grew up as a devout Catholic until she hit a bump in the road that shook her to her core and caused her to seek a new spiritual home. She joined the First Universalist Society of Franklin, MA 27 years ago and was actively involved there. Lisa and her family moved to Lincoln, RI in 2001, and after a while changed their affiliation from the Franklin church to First U Providence. Lisa has been involved in a variety of committees and projects at First U, including: teaching in RE; assisting in the food pantry; choir and music; Neighborhood Social Justice Committee; First U representative on the Loaves and Fishes RI board; and Women’s Alliance. Lisa has had many jobs to support her family, but she considers her job of being a mother to be the hardest and most rewarding job she continues to love the most. Now that both of her children are successfully launched into their adult lives, she is eagerly anticipating what is ahead on her path.

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