Grace and Tortillas

A Sermon by Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

I got a new cell phone recently, and the phone and I, we haven’t entirely settled who’s running the show.  I’m willing to admit it; in our competition for authority, I don’t always win.  Sometimes the phone wins, and … read more.

Filling the Void

“No one can convince me we aren’t gluttons for our doom” goes the line from the great Indigo Girls song “Prince of Darkness.” This morning we’ll look at what that can really mean, as we explore the seduction and shame associated with addictive behaviors. Focusing … read more.

How We Celebrate

Rev. Nicholas Boke is the former minister of the First Universalist Parish of Chester, Vt, and has spoken from UU pulpits in New England and beyond. He currently works as an international education consultant, and lives in Providence with his wife, Buffy, who recently retired … read more.

Hannukah for Adults – Part 2

Sermon Text

Hannukah is observed fairly simply, as you may remember from the song Fred and I sang this time last year.  Along with the songs for the holiday like those we’ve been singing this morning, we have latkes – potato pancakes;  we have dreidels – … read more.

Transformative Gratitude

We have hundreds of opportunities throughout our day to be in gratitude. How often do we give thanks, though? Let’s talk about gratitude as a daily spiritual practice.

Rabbi Yaakov “Trek” Reef walks in the world as a spiritual teacher and is a regionally-recognized speaker, serving … read more.