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Joint Worship Service with Bell Street Chapel

With Brown’s Medical School commencement exercises taking place on our campus, we have been invited to worship with fellow UUs at Bell Street Chapel.

No Sunday School classes.

Bell Street Chapel is located at 5 Bell Street, off Broadway, on the West … read more.

Coming of Age Service

Our annual recognition of eighth-grade Coming of Age honorees will be the centerpiece of the service. With mentors by their sides, the class will share reflections about their individual beliefs, and the congregation will celebrate and affirm the beginning of the next stage of their … read more.

In Our Hands

In honor of Mother’s Day, first founded as a holiday for non-violence, our service this year will again be part of a local interfaith coalition. All over the country, people of faith are rising up to demand gun control and the increased safety for houses … read more.

The Truth about Truth

We often refer to truth as it if is some kind of clear and absolute value or quality.  That’s a very logical, modernist perspective.  But as postmodernism has made confusingly clear (yes, that was – kind of – a joke), the truth about truth is … read more.

Senior High Youth Service

Youth are shapers of our UU living tradition. We honor our graduating seniors for the perspectives they bring as part of this community. We believe in them as they face the uncertainties of a future they cannot know. We bless them as they move into … read more.

What Saves Us? Getting Past What Dooms Us and Other Adventures

A sermon by Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay, delivered by Neil Bartholomew
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The great American philosopher William James once wrote, “A great many people think they’re thinking when they’re merely rearranging … read more.

Words for the Journey

Lisa Garcia-Sampson is a graduate of Boston University’s School of Theology and currently serves as the ministerial intern at First Church in Boston. Lisa first discovered Unitarian Universalism at First U and forever considers this to be her spiritual home, and, more importantly, her family.

Sermon … read more.

Let the Mystery Be

Kevin Carson was a member of First Unitarian before entering seminary. He is currently serving as our Ministerial Intern for Pastoral Care. In his “regular” job, he works at Hasbro, Inc.

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