My Faith May Not Be Your Faith, But That’s OK

A Sermon by Bruce Boucek

Bruce is the Social Sciences Data Librarian at Brown University. He has been one of the senior high youth group advisors for the past seven years. A third-generation Unitarian Universalist, he has many thoughts about what that means.

To listen to the … read more.

A What? What’s That Again?

We frequently don’t know how to do something until we do it. And then there are those times when we don’t know what we are creating until we’ve created it. Cy will share his experiences as a founding member of the Providence Village, a community … read more.

We Are the Earth

A Sermon by Marilyn Eanet and Kristen Ivy Moses

Marilyn Eanet has been a member of First Unitarian for over 30 years. She is a past president of the congregation and currently active with the Green Team, Chalice Circles, and the Women’s Alliance. Kristen Ivy Moses … read more.

We Have Met the Choir and It Is Us

A Sermon by Beth Armstrong

Beth Armstrong, a long-time member of First Unitarian, has been singing since she could talk and clearly remembers getting a thrill singing in a group at the age of five. She’s been doing that ever since and, sometime in college, … read more.

Blessing and the Space Between Us

We think of blessings as lofty, as religious, as formal; sometimes also as immediate, secular, and intimate – the blessing of a child, the blessing of a reprieve with a good medical result. But between the sublime and the mundane is another space and another … read more.