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Consider the Quahog

Ministerial Candidate Nina Lytton comes to us from First Parish in Cambridge, where Lead Minister Adam Lawrence Dyer has called our denomination to face and atone for our history.  The early colonizers of New England intentionally sought to displace the original inhabitants of this land, and … read more.


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On Being Not Resigned

All Souls, all Hallows Eve, are right around the corner.  Our service this Sunday will honor the souls lost from this church community in the past year, and explore the wisdom and power even in our inevitably futile resistance to losing those we love.

Sermon Audio

To listen … read more.

Gender Equity Needed Now More Than Ever

Bruce will discuss Ibram X Kinde’s book, How to be An Anti-racist and focus on the intersectionality of race and gender.  Kinde writes, “Frances Beal, audaciously proclaimed in 1968, ‘the black woman in America can justly be described as a “slave of a slave”, the victim of … read more.

Grounded in Gratitude

In her recently released book Goodness Gracious, Rev. Green encourages the youngest among us to consider a daily practice of gratitude expressions. But gratitude isn’t just for children! In turbulent times that can overwhelm and leave us feeling hopeless, a spiritual practice of grounded gratitude … read more.

Doubling Down on Hope

This music-filled service of celebration and spirit will explore ways we can cultivate hope – even when we’re feeling hopeless.

David B. Smith has served All Souls in Tulsa as Associate Director of Music since 2008 and as the Executive Director of Worship since 2014. Prior … read more.

New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

As anyone who’s ever been in a long-term relationship knows, long-term relationships depend, more than anything, on…. forgiveness.  People of a certain age–ish, may remember those immortal words from the 70’s move Love Story – “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  As a … read more.