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Preemptive Radical Inclusion in Corona Times

CB Beal will share reflections on the idea of Preemptive Radical Inclusion as an entryway to increase justice and equity among ourselves and in the world, a way to embody beloved community in a time of physical isolation and social connection.

CB Beal (they/them) is a … read more.

Those Generous Vikings

History might not always be written by the winners. Sometimes it is just written by those who can write. Casey Duckett will discuss a different perspective on Viking Age Scandinavians and how they valued generosity and hospitality. Music by Dan and Kimberli Gray. Join us … read more.

It’s only a tradition as long as it lasts

This service will be a meditation on encountering change, being intentional, and finding meaningful traditions even if they are not “traditional.” It will include anecdotes from Sam’s life and stories that others have shared with her. As a middle-aged adult who has had four distinct … read more.

Ascension to Joy Part 1: Compassion

Across many spiritual traditions, compassion for others, especially for those who have seemingly caused disruption to our peace, is described as one of the elements that sets our soul free to soar. This service will be a focused reminder of how to remain compassionate during … read more.

Embracing Ambiguity

Ambiguity, usually something we think we should avoid, can actually be a positive force presenting new opportunity for connection, empathy, and sometimes a sense of satisfaction. Let’s take a moment to pause in the presence of ambiguity.

Elizabeth Allsworth lives in Exeter with her husband and … read more.