Let the Mystery Be

Inspired by Iris DeMent’s quirky song with the same name, we will explore the limits of human understanding, how we respond to life’s ambiguities, and how we might make peace with the Great Mystery.

Kevin Carson was a member of First Unitarian … read more.

Saints Preserve Us

As St. Patrick’s Day falls on this Sunday, we’ll look at some of the character of saints in Irish beliefs – their rootedness in earlier pagan religions, the intimacy of the theological relationship between saints and mortals, some surprising twists and turns in Irish … read more.

The Crime of Innovation

Although this congregation has a long history, in fact, one of the longest in Unitarian Universalism, of partner church work with our Unitarian cousins in Transylvania, – for this church it goes back to the 1930’s – we still need to learn, or remember, how … read more.