A What? What’s That Again?

We frequently don’t know how to do something until we do it. And then there are those times when we don’t know what we are creating until we’ve created it. Cy will share his experiences as a founding member of the Providence Village, a community of mutual support for Seniors who want to stay in … Continued

Flower Communion: A Multigenerational Service

As we round out the regular church year, we’ll celebrate the great UU tradition of Flower Communion (please bring a flower). We’ll learn its history, explore what it meant and what it means, and share the joy of the season with each other in this multigenerational service that lifts up the essential relationships between nature … Continued

Blessing and the Space Between Us

We think of blessings as lofty, as religious, as formal; sometimes also as immediate, secular, and intimate – the blessing of a child, the blessing of a reprieve with a good medical result. But between the sublime and the mundane is another space and another form of blessing: our ability to bless each other when … Continued

First Unitarian is warmly invited to worship at Bell Street Chapel

First Unitarian is warmly invited to worship at Bell Street Chapel, as Brown University Medical School will hold commencement exercises in our Meeting House.  There will be no Sunday School classes. “Jesus and the Debate about Peace” is the sermon topic by Rev. Richard Trudeau, Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Weymouth, MA. … Continued

Coming of Age Service: A Multigenerational Service

Introduction by Cathy Seggel, Director of Religious Education I am honored to introduce our 2018 Coming of Age honorees. In a minute we will witness them share some of their beliefs as they transition to senior high and the next stage of Unitarian Universalist faith development. We call it “credo” or “to this I give my … Continued

Guns into Plowshares: Forging Life from a Firearm

A Sermon by Rev. Elizabeth Lerner Maclay Video of worship service Sermon Text Opening Words Good morning again!  Special welcome to our Mother’s Day service which, this year, is an interfaith observance we are holding together with Muslim, Jewish and Christian friend and neighbor congregations across this state.  Our worship this morning has three purposes … Continued

Life as Quicksand: The More Things Change

As we all may well know by now, change is difficult. Even sometimes change we seek, strive for, commit to, can be difficult. It can be tough for a whole community to make a change or shift; it can be tough for a family, or a couple, or an individual to make a change. And, … Continued

Annual Senior High Youth Service

Introduction by Serena Lincoln I would like to lay some groundwork for what our service is going to be. The main focus is youth empowerment, with different focuses on youth leadership within Unitarian Universalism, youths’ flaws, how youth are misrepresented in media, and palleralism of generations. Before we get into the service fully, I’d like … Continued

Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Grumpy, Sneezy, and Doc

A Sermon by Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn Howard A personal reflection on the nature and history of the concept of “sin.” Rev. Gwendolyn Howard is a Community Minister at First Unitarian Church of Providence. Audio Recording To listen to the sermon by Rev. Howard, click on the arrow below, at the left side of the box Sermon … Continued

Beatitudes, Redux

Our service today turns on the beautiful musical composition Beatitudes by Arvo Pärt. In worship comprised of song and reflection, we’ll explore the Beatitudes, that central statement of Christian faith, and look at how it might fall to others – even Unitarian Universalists – to safeguard the sacred, compassionate heart of Jesus’ teachings. Young people … Continued