The Drive to Create: Spirit as an essential aspect of artmaking

Humankind has always yearned to illuminate the mystical, explain the transcendent, experience the sacred, connect with the Divine. In society, artists have often been the ones to bring these human desires into practical, visual form, by creating art through allowing their own personal visions to come forth from an inner place.

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of being human, and it comes from a magical, ineffable Source. In some form or other, we all have the power and drive to create art, if we make the choice to follow it. Whether it’s through visual art, words, music, dance, theater, storytelling, or some other form of creative expression, we have unlimited opportunities to share our personal vision. When we get out of our own way and go beyond our J.E.M. (Judging Ego Mind), the work can bloom and take form to be shared with others. And that is where the true value of an artist’s work lies. In the words of Rick Rubin, author of The Creative Act: A Way of Being: “We each create uniquely–bringing a singular vision into being. The creative tool is you or me– and through creating and expressing our vision in our own manner, Source comes into focus.”

Karen Rand Anderson is an artist living and working in Pawtucket. The driving force that keeps her sparked is a passion for personal creative expression that comes from an emotional, inner place. Born and raised in upstate New York, she first came to Providence in 1971 to attend RISD. After graduating in 1977, she moved to Connecticut, married and raised her two daughters (both artists themselves) before returning to Providence in 2010. Karen joined First U in 2020.

Music will be provided by Claire Rosenbaum.

We are worshiping in person in the Meeting House. Masks are welcome but not required. If you cannot join us in person, click here to tune into our YouTube channel at 10:00 am.