Join your First U Friends in a weekend of fellowship and fun for a retreat at Camp Aldersgate.

May 24-26

Meals during our retreat weekend will be provided by the chef at Camp Aldersgate, who can accommodate allergies and special diets. We’ll gather and dine together in the dining hall for 5 full meals! Camp Aldersgate is located on 280 acres, and we’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors with hiking, campfires, sports & much more.

Lodging is available in the retreat center, which features thirteen dorm-style rooms, and in waterfront cabins, which overlook the beautiful lake!

Weekend activities will include hiking, campfires, music, sports, board games, crafting, yoga, singing, a talent show, and times and places for quiet. Interested in leading an activity? Go for it!




Interested in joining us?


Overnight Rate (Rate include 5 full meals, all activities, and 2 nights lodging in dorm style accommodations or waterfront cabins.)

$150 per person

$400 per family of 3+ (financial assistance is available)


Day Rate (Rate includes 5 full meals, all activities, with no overnight accommodations.)

$75 per person


Camping Rate (Rate includes 5 full meals, all activities, with access to camp on property.)

$100 per person


Register today!


Click here for a slideshow with more details about Camp Aldersgate.