Annual Budget Drive

Planning begins early each year for the Annual Budget Drive to solicit financial pledges from First Unitarian members and friends. The funds pledged determine the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This year-long effort engages the entire congregation through church leadership strategic planning, visiting steward one-on-one conversations, small group cottage talks and targeted communications. This year we continue a strategic effort to reduce our reliance on the endowment to support our annual operations.

Contacts: Greg Waksmulski and Beth Armstrong

Building and Grounds

Do you enjoy working outdoors? Gardening? A couple of times a year there are opportunities to contribute to the upkeep and improvements of the church’s buildings and grounds. Volunteers are needed for annual spring and fall garden projects. This is a good way to help and enjoy being outdoors at the same time.

Contact: Nancy Weiss-Fried

Celebration Flowers

Flowers bring our pulpit to life each week. Members and friends can donate flowers in honor or memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. Donors are acknowledged in the order of service.

Contact: Jacqui Nye

Finance and Investment

The Finance and Investment Committee oversees the investment of the church’s invested funds and provides strategic financial advice to the treasurer and Prudential Committee.

Contact: Jennifer Laurelli


Archiving the historical records of the church, the History Committee develops ways to share the nearly 300-year history of First Unitarian with the congregation. Recent activities of the group include:

  • organizing the 200th anniversary celebration of the Meeting House in 2016
  • presenting an architectural tour of the Meeting House with a pamphlet for a self-guided tour
  • creating a booklet and tour of First Unitarian’s five-acre burial ground at Swan Point Cemetery
  • selling booklets, note cards, and photos during Coffee Hour; proceeds help offset the costs of future publications

Interested church members and friends are welcome to join the History Committee as it plans for the 300th anniversary of the gathering of the congregation in 2020.

Contact: Janet Downing Taylor


The Membership Committee works closely with our staff membership coordinator to focus on congregational life. Activities include:

  • welcoming newcomers
  • integrating new members
  • building community

Committee initiatives include:

  • the rainbow scarf program for Sunday morning greeters
  • the Newcomers Café
  • the Path to Membership Classes
  • sponsoring community events

All these initiatives are in collaboration with the staff membership coordinator, who facilitates the welcoming, integration, and programming. This group contributes to the growth, development, and life of the church by bringing us together as a community through shared experiences.

Contact: Terri Smith


The Music Committee recruits choir members, assures maintenance of the organ and other instruments, acts as a resource for the music program for children and youth, assists with providing music and musicians for summer services, maintains the hymnal collection, formulates the music budget, and facilitates special fundraising.

Religious Education Committee for Children & Youth

The Religious Education Committee holds congregational responsibility for the program for children and youth. Up to nine members each serve three-year terms. They meet monthly during the academic year and support education and congregational gatherings.

Contacts: Ellen Anderson and Meghan Smith


Ushers greet people as they enter the Meeting House on Sunday mornings, distribute orders of service, answer questions, and assist with special needs. They also collect the offering and take attendance. Everyone is invited to share in this welcoming experience.

Contact: Lyn Bradford

World Affairs

The World Affairs Committee provides presentations regarding humanitarian concerns. Topics have included the war in Iraq, climate change, Native Americans. Each year, this group co-sponsors the Global Write-a-Thon for Human Rights at First Unitarian.

Contact: John Petell


The Worship Committee works with the minister to help plan Sunday worship services and to assist on Sunday mornings in any way that is needed. This group also plans and hosts summer services, including providing speakers and music.

Contact: Neil Bartholomew