Spiritual Pathways

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

Author Unknown

The weather in February can bring the chilliest, iciest days. However, I also notice the tiniest feeling of transition in the frigid air. I know that soon, we may notice those early rosy buds on trees, portending the leaves to come. I know that once we reach mid-month, the returning light is more palpable. These signs in nature are healthy reminders that change is what the cycle of life is all about.

This wisdom of embracing healthy evolution sure applies to our faith community. I am amazed at how this church year has been zooming by. My work in faith development, in partnership with Liz, Fred, Nancy, Jenn, Marcia, Emily, Walter, Jaime, Pedro, and others, is in full swing. This time in the cycle, it is helpful to breathe and reflect on what has been experienced and how our spiritual practices are evolving. No hibernation for this church! February is full of worship and programming that explores the possibilities that our community can hold. We will honor all families and explore an array of spiritual practices.

About Our UU Religious Education

People often wonder what our UU version of religious education is all about. I share that we offer a relational community in which to explore timeless themes of meaning-making, including wisdom from world religions, leadership development, and justice-making in action. We strive for our explicit and implicit curriculum to be alive and evolving, for our null curriculum to be mindful and intentional. In my role, I aim to help babies, children, youth, adults, and elders find faith development tools, paraphrased from my colleague Tim Atkins, that are relevant, accessible, and relational. We need each other if we are to live our values with courage, impact and resilience.

Upcoming Highlights

I share just a few highlights of upcoming happenings this winter. We will celebrate the value of supportive and caring friendships in young people’s worship. Reflecting on how to be a friend as well as have friends is a concept that deserves our attention. We will enjoy Pajama Sunday as we reflect on the concept of Sabbath. Our sixth/seventh-grade small group will partner with youth from neighboring faiths on a social justice project. The senior high youth group continues a gift card collection for clients of Dorcas International Institute. The Campus UUs have resumed their weekly gatherings, following winter break.

There is inspiration to be found as we navigate our places in a troubled country. My heart is warmed by a vision of serving as a collaborative architect and curator of networks and resources that support individual, congregational, and denominational needs to transform ourselves and our world.

Take care and keep each other warm,

Cathy Seggel, Director of Religious Education