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As we wind up this year and begin to prepare ourselves for summer plans, enterprises, and pastimes, I have to say, looking back on this year, how incredibly proud I am of you, First Unitarian, and how good it feels to be your minister. This … read more.

Spiritual Pathways

June is a time when I embrace the warmth and beauty of so much around me. It is also when I appreciate the blessings that our young people bring to my own life, our congregation, and way beyond. The closing recognitions and celebrations are just … read more.

Sight Lines

Hello Everyone:

It’s June. The sun has finally decided to come out! The church year is winding down, and so is my year as President of the congregation. During the Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 2, we say goodbye and heartfelt thanks to Prudential Committee, Deacon, … read more.

Spiritual Pathways…“And How Are the Children?”

May is bursting with transformation, in flora and in fauna. I sure appreciate soaking in the buds and blooms, colors and light of this season. It is also a time in our congregation for celebrating rites of passage and honoring leaders. The Spiritual Pathways Team … read more.

Lately … May

On very good days, I let go of email. On one such day recently, I took time to look up the name of someone who once wrote their name on the flyleaf of a book, long before it came into my keeping. Then I pondered … read more.

Sight Lines – May

Hello Everyone:

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with May. This is the month where the dreariness of winter is replaced by lush vegetation and beautiful blooms of all varieties and hues. It is also allergy season, and for me that means shorter times outdoors to … read more.


Monday, July 22, 2019 – Friday, August 2, 2019
… read more.

Lately …

At the invitation of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence, I spent a long afternoon and evening at the Statehouse to testify in support of sensible gun control. The experience was intense from beginning to end. I stood in a long line of almost … read more.

Sight Lines

Hello Everyone:

Spring is finally here. At least I hope the snow and cold weather are over by the time you read this. It is the time of year to do spring cleaning, to pack away winter clothes, to open windows and let in fresh air, … read more.