What is the benefit of planned giving?
The possibility to give more intentionally from assets remaining after we are gone
without affecting our present day-to-day obligations.

Is planned giving only for wealthy people?
Not at all. Supporters of varying means and generations have included the Church in
their estate plan. It can be as simple as adding the Church as partial beneficiary of your
life insurance or 401(k). Gifts are always gratefully received, regardless of the amount
or timing.

What about our responsibilities to our family?
In their later years, many people discover that they can act responsibly toward family
members, and still give a portion of their estate to charity.

Will my name be disclosed as a planned giving donor?
Only if you agree to do so, which we hope you will. This can inspire others to join in this
benevolent endeavor. Amounts are kept confidential.

Where can I learn more about planned giving options?
Stop by or call the Church office at 401-421-7970. If you like, we can connect you with a
member of the Planned Giving Committee for some guidance. You can also download
our booklet “Let’s Talk About Planned Giving”.