Leaving a Legacy to the Church

Our congregation has a long tradition of planned giving, with the first bequest made in 1803. Members and friends have followed that example for over 200 years. Planned giving has sustained and advanced the values and actions that lie at the core of our faith community. We encourage all supporters to consider leaving a gift to the endowment in their will, thus becoming a member of our Benevolent Society.


How your gift can help the church

Some may wish their gifts be used to support the Church’s current mission and programs. Others direct their gift to one of the Church’s endowment funds, to be invested long-tern, with the capital held in perpetuity.

Property Upkeep and Preservation

There are several funds dedicated to caring for the Church property.

Property Endowment Fund

  • For upkeep and improvement of the building and grounds

Preservation Endowment Fund

  • To preserve, maintain, renovate, rebuild, or improve the property

Capital Projects Fund

  • For capital projects that will preserve or improve the buildings and grounds of the Church.

Sunday School Endowment Fund

Established in 1912, this fund maintains and supports the Sunday School that teaches liberal religious values.

Community Food Share Pantry

Created with a bequest from the late Dino Germani, the food pantry provides food to members of the greater church community in need of assistance.

Open-Ended Gifts

Gifts not earmarked by the donor for a specific purpose are allocated as follows:

New Initiatives Fund (30%)

  • Started in 2013 to provide funding for newly identified programs and initiatives

Consolidated Endowment Fund (70%)

  • Unrestricted funds- all expenditures require the endorsement of the Prudential Committee and/or the congregation