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Summer Reflections

This summer was full of experiences I will remember for a very long time. Every day of our Partner Church trip to Transylvania taught us a lot, offered us a lot, and asked a lot of us. We learned so much about Unitarianism’s history there, … read more.

Lately . . .

As we wind up this year and begin to prepare ourselves for summer plans, enterprises, and pastimes, I have to say, looking back on this year, how incredibly proud I am of you, First Unitarian, and how good it feels to be your minister. This … read more.

Lately …

At the invitation of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence, I spent a long afternoon and evening at the Statehouse to testify in support of sensible gun control. The experience was intense from beginning to end. I stood in a long line of almost … read more.


Two of the most important aspects of the relationship between a minister and a congregation are trust and communication. Really, those are lifted up in our connection from the very first. The search process is rooted in communication with each other throughout its many … read more.


I write this on the dreariest day I’ve experienced in a while. It’s grey and cold outside, a harsh wind is roaring around the house, rain is pelting down thick and hard, striking the windows with every gust of air, washing away the last of … read more.


As I write this, I’m all about Christmas, which is less than a week away. But soon enough, January will be upon us, and there’s a lot to look forward to then, too. We’ll have that post-holiday time to relax a bit, take time to … read more.


I spent the holiday with my family, and an unexpected highlight of our days were some walks in the woods near the cottage where we stayed. There’s never anyone else there, so the dogs run off-leash, tearing up and down the path. One day … read more.


Our November theme, of course, is gratitude. To tell the truth, gratitude is one of those experiences I struggle with, mostly because when it comes authentically, it floods me and fills me and I’m right where I should be. But other times – usually when … read more.

Happy End of Summer!

Well, it’s the fall finally – the days are crisp, the nights are cool, the trees are beginning to turn. There’s so much good stuff ahead and I can’t wait to get to it. And there’s so much to do that I just want … read more.

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone has gotten some summer sun in, some summer fun in. Water, sun, sand, woods, mountains; whether it’s a sprinkler in a yard or a lake in a park or star-watching on a clear summer night or WaterFire –summer has gifts no other … read more.