Lately . . .

As we wind up this year and begin to prepare ourselves for summer plans, enterprises, and pastimes, I have to say, looking back on this year, how incredibly proud I am of you, First Unitarian, and how good it feels to be your minister. This has been another banner year – your generosity, heart, commitment, care, and capacity are so deep. You have hosted one sanctuary family and are ready for another. You have shown up strongly for regular events and special programs. You have made extraordinary music. You have shared yourselves with each other with vulnerability and courage and great integrity. You have supported your youth and taught your children. You have cared for your ailing members and held your grieving people. You have funded and completed tremendous renovations. You have helped to lead essential community justice initiatives. You have fulfilled a tremendous Commitment Drive. What a year of spirit and faith, of action and care, you have given yourselves and each other! Amazing, truly.

I hope this summer will be a gentle one for everyone, a time with some room for rest and renewal, some time for sun and sea, some time for play and music, a time that will offer us some balm for these abrasive times. May the sun and the light warm you inside and out. May the sea and sky invite you and ease you with their blue beauty. May the abundant life teeming all around us remind us of life’s powerful ability to adapt and grow, abilities we too possess. Good people, may these summer days be good to us all. I’ll miss you while I’m over in Transylvania and Europe, and I’ll be very glad to be back together with you as we begin to start up the new year for the fall.

Lay ministers will be available to help you with pastoral emergencies if they arise while I’m on my summer break, and our Ministerial Intern for Pastoral Care, Kevin Carson, will help cover any pastoral needs through the end of June.

Take good care of yourselves and each other.

See you in church,

Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay, Minister
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday