Speaker: Fred Jodry

Easter Sunday

Just when we need to remind ourselves of how much there is in the world and life to renew us, Spring comes, bearing Easter with it. Our multigenerational service will explore the Easter’s theme of hope amidst the harshest circumstances, and the most essential blessings … read more.

Beatitudes, Redux

Our service today turns on the beautiful musical composition Beatitudes by Arvo Pärt. In worship comprised of song and reflection, we’ll explore the Beatitudes, that central statement of Christian faith, and look at how it might fall to others – even Unitarian Universalists – to … read more.

Love Beyond Belief

Let’s explore how our faith as Unitarian Universalists gives us the fortitude, stamina, and courage to practice what we preach: love beyond belief.

Thandeka is the creator of the Love Beyond Belief™ initiative for progressive congregations and the founder of Contemporary Affect Theology, which is designed … read more.