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Dare to Dream, and Don’t Rush

Aida Wilby will reflect on a desire to survive, will to succeed, and patience to change ones own circumstances, turning dreams into reality through persistence and commitment.  Music will be presented by the women’s a cappella group “Sally Racket”

Aida joined the First U family in … read more.

Relocation: A Journey

Kate Niles will talk about her and her husband’s decision to move from Colorado to Providence, with some reflections on the role of First U and UU principles. A slightly more-than-cameo appearance of the Island of Corfu will also be involved! Music will be presented … read more.

Rev. Tom Ahlburn in His Own Words

As we begin the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of our congregation, this will be the first of three services this summer presenting the works of three long-serving ministers of First U during the 20th century. Roxanne Stern reads from the work … read more.

Love, Loss, Identity and My Search for Truth

Three years ago, a commercial DNA test changed my life. I discovered my family of origin and in many ways, myself. I also learned how society clings to social narratives that often don’t include the voice of those with lived experience – in my case, … read more.

UUs of Tomorrow

Join Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal for a reflection on his time in youth and young adult ministry. Young people have a lot to show us about overcoming incredible odds and moving our denomination forward into the years to come. Matthew is a Masters of Divinity … read more.

A Celebration of Fred Jodry

Join us this Sunday as we honor Music Director Fred Jodry on his last day with us after serving First Unitarian for the past 20 years. You’ll hear lots of special music and a live choir plus a special celebration of Fred’s time with us. … read more.