Blessing and the Space Between Us

We think of blessings as lofty, as religious, as formal; sometimes also as immediate, secular, and intimate – the blessing of a child, the blessing of a reprieve with a good medical result. But between the sublime and the mundane is another space and another form of blessing: our ability to bless each other when we pay attention to how we are with each other, when we think about interactions that bless us and one that just leaves us as we were – or, much worse, oppresses us. We’ll look at stories from real life, examples like the Dalai Lama, and consider whether it doesn’t have to be exhausting, one more thing to attend to in our busy days, whether it can be simple and just part of how we are – and real.

Grades Pre-K–Senior High begin in the Meeting House,
then go to classes with their teachers.

Childcare open on the second floor of the Parish House.

Annual/Financial Meeting of the Congregation
follows the service at 12:00p