Spirituality and Religion

Rick Richards will describe what he thinks of as spirituality, an experience that is essentially personal and defines who he is in important ways. He contrasts spirituality with religion, which he sees as a communal, interpersonal experience that defines core values and behaviors in our community. How we can shape our religion so that it is based in our spirituality and flexibly evolves new rituals to reflect our changing communal needs and aspirations?  Music for this service will be provided by Barbara Zdravesky.

In Rick’s own words, “I have been a member of this church for nearly four decades, so I’m old.  I came here when I was young, raising a family and finding my way in the world in order to find a moment of peace on Sunday.  That weekly moment of peace has remained an important part of my life ever since, allowing me to review and reassemble my internal landscape.  I have participated in many church committees and church governance and am deeply interested in the evolution of our congregation, especially as it responds to the larger societal currents we are all experiencing.  However, for me, the core function of the church is the way it helps me get in touch with my deepest self, my spirit.”