‘Why I am Still a Unitarian Universalist’

Rev. Liz is excited to be able to share this Sunday’s service together with her good friend and colleague, Rev. John Crestwell. Rev. Crestwell says this about the service: “Life is full of change and transformation. The Unitarian Universalist I have become today is not the same one I was 20 years ago. The work has taken its toll. However, I still believe our faith is one of the best options for people seeking pluralism and interdependence. And I also know that the road to being anti-racist and anti-oppressive is long and difficult.”

In this sermon, Rev. Crestwell, Co-Executive Minister at the UU Church of Annapolis, Maryland, offers some of his stories, insights and hope as he explains why he continues believe in our UU faith tradition as a vehicle for, and to, human freedom.