Red, White, Shiny, and Connected

First U members Dana Borrelli-Murray, Kim Ziegelmayer, and Jack Rusley are members of the Extraordinary Rendition Band, an activist street band in Providence. This service makes comparisons and show parallels between UU principles and ERB’s mission and work.

Dana Borrelli-Murray is a nonprofit executive director, school board president, mom, foster mom, spouse, and musician with ERB, where she creates raucous noise for social causes. Kim Ziegelmayer is a serial entrepreneur/mother with a background in environmental management, and bangs a wicked bass drum. Jack Rusley saves lives as a physician, dad, spouse, and trombonist. For more information about the Extraordinary Rendition Band, you can check out their website by clicking here or going to

Music for this service was by the Extraordinary Rendition Band, of course.