Life as Ritual

Francis Weller wrote: “We have sadly turned the ritual of life into the routine of existence.” How might our lives be enhanced if we approached life as a series of rituals? How might rituals help us celebrate our joys; ease the pain of our sorrows; move through times of transition; and, bring meaning to our everyday lives? More questions will arise as Rees Robinson explores the many ways we could participate in, adopt, adapt and create rituals in our homes and in our communities. 

Rees joined First U shortly after moving from Seattle to Rhode Island in late 2018. She strives to meld the human and spiritual parts of herself while contributing to the well-being of the community, the world, and the planet. Rees is grateful to be a member of First U and looks forward to participating in its evolution.

Music will be provided by Janice Okoomian and Edith Johnson.

We are worshiping in person in the Meeting House. Masks are welcome but not required; we do have a mask-only section for those being extra cautious. If you cannot be with us in person, click here to tune in to our YouTube channel at 10:00 am.