Letting Love Guide Us: Our Connection with all Beings

We are deeply connected to some animals, and compassion and kinship guides those relationships. But modern systems have broken our connection with other animals. Here, we consider how we can reawaken our connection and widen our circle of compassion.

The Rev. Mary Margaret Earl is a longtime UU minister whose ministry has focused on social justice. She served for a decade in the homeless community in Providence – during which time she was a community minister affiliated with First Unitarian in Providence – and currently serves a faith-based organization in Boston committed to racial justice work. She also is a longtime vegan and received the 2021 Courage of Conscience Award from the Peace Abbey in Sherborn Mass for her work for nonhuman animals. She serves on the board of Rhode Island Vegan Awareness. 

Music by Janice Okoomian and Chris Sanzo. Join us in the Meeting House, or click here to join our YouTube channel at 10:00 am.