It’s only a tradition as long as it lasts

This service will be a meditation on encountering change, being intentional, and finding meaningful traditions even if they are not “traditional.” It will include anecdotes from Sam’s life and stories that others have shared with her. As a middle-aged adult who has had four distinct careers and multiple other jobs along the way, she has met people with various traditions. Some of them have struck her as interesting fodder for exploration. Some are just fun stories to tell. Music by Kelley Smith and Chris Sanzo. Join us on YouTube by clicking here.

Samantha Cole joined First U in 2012. She served on Prudential Committee, volunteered with Mobile Loaves and Fishes, helped build the sanctuary room, and sits with the Monday night Zendo. She lives in Lincoln with her wife and daughter and enjoys renovating their colonial-era house. Sam is currently working as a nurse in East Providence.