Comparing Notes

On this Juneteenth, two best friends, Raymond Chin and John Green, share reflections about the impact of racism, seen though the lens of their respective cultural backgrounds.

John Green is originally from Kentucky and came to Rhode Island to study painting at RISD. John and his wife Nancy have been attending First Unitarian for over 30 years. John says, “I consider myself truly blessed, to be married to the love of my life, and to live on a street named Hope, in this city named Providence.”  Raymond Chin met John Green when they were both graduate students at RISD. He now lives in Vermont with his wife and they have two married sons and 3 grandchildren. He is a clinical child psychologist who treats youth who have trauma and neurodevelopmental disorders. He also keeps busy with Restorative Justice, Thetford Hill Congregational Church, Tsuru for Solidarity, and other social justice organizations. He also teaches kyudo (Zen archery) and Tai Qi.

Music by Phil Gruppuso

If you can’t join us in person, click here at 10:00 am to watch our livestream.