Landscaping of the church’s front yard is progressing. Design, planning, and construction planning are well underway. But we are going to need lots of help! $5,500 has been budgeted for this project, which will allow us to get started this fall.

We will be contracting for 3″ of the existing soil to be removed and replaced with new topsoil. Almost half of the area is planned to receive plantings, including lots of spring bulbs and some ground cover plants to be “installed by us.”

The other half will be in grass so that we have a good walkable surface for outside events. The grass will be installed by a contractor. A simple watering system, also “installed by us,” needs to be put in place before grassing. Roughly 500 feet of edging must be completed before the spring bulbs planting this fall.

The current estimate for the contracted work is $2,700, leaving $2,800, which I estimate will be a $2000 to $3000 shortfall for planting materials, watering system, edging, compost, mulch, and maintenance equipment.

Volunteer help needed in these areas:

  • A volunteer coordinator. I cannot manage all this and coordinate volunteers too.
  • Someone to raise the $2000 to $3000 balance needed.
  • Persons with a pickup truck for getting some free compost, plant materials, and whatever.
  • Volunteers to plant spring bulbs, ground cover, and edging this fall. I am ordering spring bulbs with fingers crossed for volunteers.
  • Volunteers for a lot of spring planting. I need commitments before we purchase all the plant materials.
  • Ultimately, we will need dedicated individual members or small teams to maintain each of the 5 separate planted areas.

We especially want our grounds to look as lovely as possible for a couple reasons. It is our 300-year anniversary as a congregation. Also, the national UU denomination is holding its General Assembly here in Providence in June.

Anyone and everyone willing to volunteer, please email me at sine.max! Include what you are volunteering for, and please put “First U Landscaping Help” in the subject line.

Progress (or panic) reports will be in the First U Times.

— Max Pounder, appointed building and grounds manager