What Happens Next?

Hello, Everyone:

The intense week of Love Beyond Belief™ activities is over. I want to thank all who attended for your active participation and for making this a successful program. I also want to thank the staff, Beth Armstrong, the many volunteers, and the food preparers. Your contributions really made a difference.

Now that the Love Beyond Belief™ program has ended, what happens next? We explored that question along with our observations and impressions during our October Prudential Committee meeting. The critical next step for the church is to review and refine our Chalice Circle program. Many of you are currently in Chalice Circle groups, those gatherings of 10 to 12 members who form around a particular activity, interest, or affinity. They meet regularly to discuss a topic or to work on service projects. Meetings are facilitated by one of the members. They are, in essence, small communities where members get to meet and know more about one another, share, listen, and build deep friendships and connections to our church that create “awe, care, and joy” – words heard frequently from Rev. Thandeka during her workshops. Chalice Circles are one of the primary ways to revitalize our church.

Have you noticed? The church clock is now working! (There’s more on the final Meeting House restoration work in the sidebar.) Also, look for information in the coming weeks as we implement the ability for you to make pledge and other payments online. Work will begin soon to increase lighting in our parking lot. Once the bidding process is complete, parking lot prep work and paving will begin. You can find additional updates in the approved Prudential Committee meeting minutes, which are posted on the Prudential Committee bulletin board or on the church website.

November is a transition month for me. It’s the time of year when winter clothes and shoes reappear and summer ones disappear; lawn tools and deck furniture are stored; plants are prepped for the colder months ahead; and holes start appearing in my backyard as squirrels start burying their nuts. They never seem to remember where they hide them . . . November is also a month where we lift up and thank our veterans for their service, and travel long and short distances to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families and friends, or our First Unitarian family.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

John Simmonds
President, Prudential Committee