Early in each new year members and friends of First Unitarian are urged to make a commitment of their financial support for the church in the upcoming fiscal year — July through June. The amount pledged becomes the basis for the church’s new annual budget that supports church staffing, activities, and all our infrastructure for the year ahead..

The Annual Commitment Drive effort engages the entire congregation through church leadership strategic planning, visiting steward one-on-one conversations, small group cottage talks, and a variety of communications.

This year we continue a strategic effort to reduce our reliance on the endowment to support our annual operations. Through collective ownership of this goal, we can achieve long-term financial health and sustainability for this congregation and honor our responsibility to those who will inherit it next.

For more details on pledging, you can read the FAQ below or click on the link in the left menu for the Annual Pledge Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should my household pledge?

When do I have to pay my pledge?

How can I pay my pledge?

How do I pay my pledge online?

How can I set up automatic payments through my bank?

What does my pledge pay for?

What happens if my household cannot fulfill its annual pledge?

Can I speak with someone more about pledging?


Ready to pledge now?  Click here or on the Annual Pledge Form in the left menu.