Transylvania Partner Church Committee

    Congregational Conversation September 23, 2018
Concerning the Hungarian / Transylvanian Unitarian Church
Edict on Marriage And Our Partnership

Since our last visit, Romania, Transylvania, and our partner church have moved in the direction of social conservatism along with much of Europe – specifically, our partner church recently endorsed a decree by the Romanian and Hungarian synod of churches that bars civil and religious same-sex marriage.  This act creates a difference between strongly held beliefs in our congregation and many of the Unitarian congregations in Eastern Europe.  However, an honest, cooperative, and frank discussion of difficult issues has been an essential part of Unitarianism since its foundation in Transylvania over five hundred years ago.

Those of us in the Unitarian community in Providence know that this change is not in agreement with many of our UU principles. There are many differences between our two churches and we have learned to agree to disagree on most of them but this has proven to be more difficult to accept because of our many years of advocating for Marriage Equality.

Hearing from the Providence congregation is an important step in our work of building a bridge to our Szentegyhaza congregation. We look forward to this dialog during the Congregational Conversation that will occur immediately after the September 23rd. worship service.

Despite doctrinal differences, after 500 years we share the same radical religious heartbeat–if we are united in love, then differences in belief cannot harm us.  Love will find a way.

We want you to know that we have given this issue careful thought and serious attention. Let us hear from you, so that we continue to learn along with you.

Thank you for your support,

The Transylvania Partner Church Committee

If you are unable to attend the congregational conversation but wish to express your thoughts or concerns or questions, please contact Tom Getz ( or Janet Downing Taylor (