The programs and events listed below are now available for online signup or registration.  You will receive a confirmation message confirming your signup. If you have any questions, contact the event coordinator.

Sign-up to Support First Unitarian!

The Annual Commitment Drive is Underway!


Pledge packets were mailed out last week, and more than 140 individuals or families of us have pledged so far. It’s a great start.

There is no pledge, large or small, that does not strengthen our mission and ministries: we need every pledge and every pledge matters.

Now that we are being careful about what we touch, there are easy ways to pledge without touching anything. To pledge online, click below:

You can also return a filled-out paper pledge card to the church office by postal mail or dropping it off. To download and print the pledge card, click here.

You can call the church office at 401-421-7970.

You can email your pledge information to the church office at If you phone or email, just tell us the amount you intend to pledge, the payment plan you intend to follow (weekly, monthly, other), and you’re done!  

And, if you have any doubt that your pledge is important, click here to see and hear the First U Quintet with its inspiring pledge drive song.

















Spiritual Pathways Program for Children and Youth Registration (ongoing)

Click on the link below to download the Spiritual Pathways registration form for this year.  Print the form, fill it out, and return it at church.

Click here for registration form.