Hello from our front porches

Photos of First Unitarian members and staff by member Richard Boober

Sunday Worship Online

Each Sunday morning at 10:30, we invite you to join First U for virtual worship through our YouTube channel by clicking here. Then join us for a Zoom coffee hour.

We may not be in the same spaces, but we are inseparably joined in spirit. As always, let’s share Sunday morning together.

Bridging Team

What’s the plan for First U in the months ahead? Are we going to open our buildings for worship? Open for groups who rent our spaces? Are we planning to keep our buildings closed while we enhance our virtual worship and expand our smaller group offerings until it is safe for all of us to be together in person again?

The answers to these questions and others continue to explored by the First U Bridging Team, a group of members with expertise in medicine, epidemiology, public health, technology, communications, project management, and more. The group includes senior First U staff members, both long-time and new members, and many past and recent congregation presidents.

The Bridging Team continues to make recommendations to the Prudential Committee as pandemic conditions change and public health directives evolve, based on a thorough study of the complex, myriad issues involved. The safety of all is a top priority. The group is committed to open communication with the congregation on a regular basis.

Members of the Bridging Team are: David Anthony, Cheryl Bartholomew, Michael Cappelli, Jim Cowan, Nancy Forsstrom, Bev Koteff, Bill Koteff, Steven McCloy, Rev. Liz, Caroline Mailloux, Ted Martin, Jonathan Niles, Martha Rice Sanders, Cynthia Rosengard, Norma Rossi-Mead, Jack Rusley, Cathy Seggel, and Bill Twaddell.