New Programs for Fall 2020


Life & Livelihood with Peter Laarman & Claire Rosenbaum

GROUP A on TUE OR GROUP B on WED at 7:00 pm, Oct 6 – Nov 10

This new six-week small group sessions (preferably in-person) will help us process these COVID times. Each session, in Group A OR Group B, will be only 50 minutes and focus on the real struggles of the day as we deal with Life in the Shadows or Seeking Higher Ground. REGISTRATION IS LIMITED; SIGN UP NOW!


Anti-Racism: Widening The Circle of Concern (from the UUA Commission on Institutional Change) with Cathy Seggel, Tiffany Reed,  & Rev. Roger Peltier

Starts in October; more info coming soon.

In 2017, UU leaders of color were asked to share their insights into how the Association could continue moving forward in the midst of another racially charged moment. The world around us is different than it was a decade ago. Or even five years ago. The question is, how will our “living tradition” keep up with the times? What choices will we make—or fail to make—and how will that affect the relevancy and the survival of our faith? Contact


Harvest The Power with Cathy Seggel & Jenn Nardone

Starts early November; check back for details.

Leadership in a congregational setting can and should be a deeply spiritual experience. Six two-hour workshops offer intentional faith development to help form integrated UU leaders who model healthy personal and leadership practices. Contact


Parents As Sexuality Educators with Cathy Seggel & OWL teachers

Starts early November; check back for details.

For parents of 7th, 8th & 9th graders, these sessions will help parents and their children discover how to talk together about sex and sexuality, teaching children how to value themselves and their bodies while making responsible choices. Contact


5 BIG Questions for all UUs  with Rev. Charlie B. Ortman

Thursdays at 7:00 pm, Nov 5 – Dec 10

The Five-Questions process is indeed one that can be counted on to engage both the head and the heart as it builds upon itself from week to week. Based on the Five-Questions, it will lead participants to an evolving awareness of, appreciation for, and ability to articulate their deeper understandings of themselves, their purpose in life, the meaning of their death and their relationships within ever widening circles of known and unknown relationships in their lives. SIGN UP FOR EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION TODAY.


New Support Groups 

From Finance to Friendship, from Romance to Rocky Relationships with Revs. Liz & Roger

Starts in October; groups are populating now!

Social distancing and all the rest has brought many changes and challenges to how we live in and seek wellness in the world: perhaps you are experiencing economic insecurity or money management issues? perhaps you are feeling anxious, depressed, lonely and need some companionship? perhaps you have too many questions about being a parent, or an at-home school teacher, or a spouse?  Revs. Liz and Roger, Cathy Seggel and other qualified lay leaders, are forming NEW Support Groups. Because we need one another, now more than ever. TO LEARN MORE CONTACT: Rev. Roger (privately) for more info: 401-965-1212 or


UU Parenting in the Time of COVID-19 with Cathy Seggel & the Spiritual Pathways Team

Starts early November; check back for details.


Zoom in to these Returning Favorites

Everybody grab your Buddy!


The First U Buddy Program remains one of the most our successful endeavors to help folks stay connected to the church and each other. And it’s a great way to practice kindness! simply team up with a Buddy and agree to call each other once a week and check in with each other, This low commitment gesture reaps high rewards: people feel cared for; they know they’re not alone. TO REQUEST A BUDDY CONTACT: Rev. Roger Peltier


Soul Circle or Chalice Circle Anyone? with Rev. Roger Peltier and Janet Downing Taylor

Days & Times Vary

Did you know that Small Group Ministry is the number one way to expand the ministry of First U and deepen your own faith too? Connect with like-minded people over meaningful topics. Experience deepening relationships. SPACE IS LIMITED; SIGN UP TODAY! Contact Rev. Roger Peltier at


Afternoon Tea with Rev. Roger Peltier and Jenn Nardone

Wednesdays; 4:00 PM

Drop in on Rev. Roger and Jenn for Afternoon Tea. Even if you don’t drink tea it’s still fun to ‘spill the tea’ and it’s a great opportunity for some informal fellowship.  Zoom here:

Just Ahead

Mindful Grieving with Nancy Worthen and Ellie Sordoni

Starts early October

The Mindful Grieving team has limited space for those experiencing grief from significant loss or life events. If you or someone you know will benefit from these six-week sessions please contact Rev. Roger (privately) for more info: 401-965-1212 or


Joys & Sorrows for Sunday Worship

Weekly; Ongoing

If you want a joy, sorrow or milestone included in Sunday worship please be sure to email your info to Rev. Roger before NOON on Saturdays to