Within a culture that celebrates “me” over “we,” and in a time that feels so starved of the blessings of connection and deep engagement, we take time to consider how love will guide us to be the church that we want to be.  The pledge that you make to support First U’s mission is a gift of spiritual nourishment to people within and outside of our community.

Pledging our dollars is not merely a financial transaction; it is a spiritual practice.  Please be thoughtful and generous with your commitment to First U.

To fill out your online pledge form, click here.

Once you have pledged, please consider your payment options:

If you are paying by auto-debit from a bank account or credit card (preferred), click here and follow the on-line instructions.

If you intend to pay by personal check, simply put your check(s) in the mail, bring them to the church office, or put them in the collection plate. Be sure to write “pledge payment” on the memo line.

If you prefer to pay by cash: To get credit for paying cash — either in the collection plate or delivered to the business office — enclose your cash in a pledge envelope and write your name on it. You can pick up pledge envelopes on Sunday mornings.

If you are paying through auto-pay through your bank, work with your bank to set up this payment. They should send the check(s) to First Unitarian Church of Providence, One Benevolent Street, Providence, RI 02906.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I have to pay my pledge?

How can I pay my pledge?

How do I pay my pledge online?

How can I set up automatic payments through my bank?

What does my pledge pay for?

What happens if my household cannot fulfill its annual pledge?

Can I speak with someone more about pledging?