(Note: At this time, we regret that we are unable to offer our professionally staffed nursery or Sunday classes for children under age 5. First U’s medical professionals have advised us to wait until children under 5 have been able to get vaccinated for COVID 19.)

Welcoming Love

Goals: Loving and welcoming ourselves.
Loving each other and our church home.
Loving our world/earth.


Newborns to 3 years: Origins Playcircle

Location: Ocean Room (2nd floor)

For Babies

Our experienced childcare providers provide a loving, safe environment for sharing stories and gentle playing.

Please bring bottles, diapers, and personal comfort items. Parents are welcome and may assist.

For Younger Preschoolers

The Celebrating Me and My World curriculum serves as a guide as children grow a sense of trust and caring.

Staff: Sally Ann Diorio, Coordinator, Karen Barbato, Rosemary Marra, Doreen Coleman

Pre-K (4-5 years): Chalice Children

Location: Earth Room (2nd floor)

Children are encouraged to use their minds, bodies, and emotions to develop a sense of identity and self-esteem within their UU community and their world. There are songs, games, crafts, and free play.

Kindergarten: Creating Home

Location: Sky Room (2nd floor)

The Creating Home curriculum helps to develop a sense of welcoming, grounded in faith and a place of belonging. Children explore sacredness, hospitality, and the loving relationships that home can represent.

The kindergarteners learn respect for one another and connection with the congregation. They help with the church-wide Mitten Tree project.