Exploring Community

Goals: Exploring our stories.
Exploring our UU principles and sources.
Exploring our heritage and values.


First Grade: Treasure Hunting

Location: Peace Room (2nd floor)

Treasure Hunting explores the UU Principles as an expression of the shared values of our faith tradition, helping children create an atmosphere that encourages a sense of reverence, awe, gratitude, and wonder.

Activities include games, stories, songs, and crafts. Discovered treasures are saved in class and in individual treasure chests.

Second Grade: Free to Believe

Location: Chalice Room (2nd floor)

The curriculum explores values, beliefs, and what it means to be Unitarian Universalist, nurturing children’s emotional, social, and spiritual life.

We examine some of life’s big questions through the perspective of our UU sources, encouraging spiritual exploration, feelings, and practices.

Third Grade: Moral Tales

Location: Sun Room (3rd floor)

The Moral Tales curriculum explores spiritual and ethical beliefs, moral values, and spiritual practices reflective of UU values that are needed to make choices and take actions.

As children go forth into a complex world facing difficult decisions, they begin to build a personal moral compass that can transform individuals and the world. Stories draw from UU sources, portraying dilemmas and paths to justice through cultural and religious lenses.

Fourth and Fifth Grades: Toolbox & Timeless Themes

Location: Unity Room (3rd floor)

Our fourth- and fifth-graders explore and reflect on qualities of our UU faith, such as courage and love, as tools in living their lives in a faith community. Lessons are drawn from the Toolbox of Faith & Timeless Themes of the Hebrew and Christian sacred texts as well as from UU traditions and history. This group sponsors the congregation’s participation in the RI Buy Nothing Day Coat Drive in November.