Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – First U Edition

Every other Monday, beginning September 10 at 7:15pm

It started with two Harvard Divinity School graduates who decided to take the practices they learned in school, ways in which you can analyze sacred texts to reveal more, and apply them to one of their favorite series — Harry Potter. First there were two people, then there was a reading group, then there was the podcast (which is phenomenal), and now there are groups like ours popping up all over the world. We are bringing this practice to First U. New folks are welcome! We will be starting Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Leader: Erin Newell

Tai Chi

Every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Tai Chi can improve your balance and suppleness. Once you adequately learn the movements, Tai Chi can become a form of spiritual practice — a meditation in motion. You can join the class at any time as movements are repeated in every session; repetition and consistency enhance the Tai Chi experience.

Leader: Al Tringali

Reimagining Religion

2nd and 4th Tuesdays monthly – 7:00pm

In his autobiography, Wrestling with God, Lloyd Geering observes that the longevity of the Jewish and Christian theological tradition has resulted from its brilliant mythological description of the human condition. “But because we have now moved into a radically new age and express ourselves in a non-mythical medium,” he argues, “it has now become necessary to enunciate a completely fresh world theology, drawing appreciatively from all religious traditions, the light of our new knowledge of the universe.” Reimagining Religion is an ongoing attempt to employ the best recent scholarship in coming to grips with issues raised by radically new developments in the study of religion and thereby achieving a fuller appreciation of what religious literacy entails in the 21st century.

Leader: Tom Hall

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth

Tuesday, October 16 – 7pm

This meeting will serve as a facilitated interest-gathering session to see if folks want to participate in a discussion group about John Michael Greer’s book Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth.

Leader: Peter Van Erp

Harvest the Power

Beginning late October

Many Unitarian Universalists experience a deepening commitment to their faith and congregation as a call to step into a position of leadership. Harvest the Power helps lay leaders grow in spirit as they develop as leaders. Twelve workshops, weaving strands of spiritual, ethical and UU faith development, offer opportunities for new and experienced leaders to enrich the skills they bring to their leadership and to experience their leadership journey as a Unitarian Universalist faith journey. Do you feel called to a deepening sense of identity and leadership here at First Unitarian? The exploration will begin with a dinner, then a Saturday retreat, and then regularly scheduled sessions. Specific dates will be announced.

Leaders: Cynthia Rosengard, Cathy Seggel, Michael Currier

LGBTQIA Spirituality

Thursdays, October 11 and 25, 7-8:30pm

Members of the LGBTQIA community have not always had a comfortable relationship with institutional religion. These sessions are meant to be an opportunity for people to discuss their needs as well as what may be helpful and what may be impediments to their spiritual growth.

Leader: Rev. Gwendolyn Howard

Conscious Grieving

Six-week sessions throughout church year, dates to be announced

Conscious Grieving is the evolution of a former program launched in response to the needs of members in our community who were grieving recent and/or long-term losses. Currently, six-week groups are offered during the year as well as other formats in which participants come together to share their feelings in a safe, supportive environment with trained facilitators.

Leader: Carol Adams

Ancient Roots: The Feminine Face of Western Religion
Part I: Goddesses, Priestesses, and Women in the Ancient

Spring 2019 offering, four-sessions – stay tuned for dates

This year we’ll offer the first part of Ancient Roots, a three-part curriculum. Ancient Roots is a Unitarian Universalist adult religious education curriculum that explores the history of the female in Western religion from around 3,000 BCE to the present, grounded in the belief that archetypes and understandings from long ago have remained important in the development of religious ideas and roles right up to our own time.

The curriculum is broken up into three classes of four session each. This year Rev. Liz will be offering Part I: Goddesses, Priestesses, and Women in the Ancient, followed up annually with Part II: Women and the Sacred in Judaism and Christianity and Part III: Modern Roles for Women in Religion: The Middle Ages to the Present.

Though Ancient Roots focuses on the female, this course is not meant to affirm women over men, or women’s religious history over men’s, As Unitarian Universalists, our ethos ought to stand for and uphold all of us, always.