Hello and Welcome Back!

The summer had a little bit for everyone: rain, sunshine, heat, humidity, storms, even a tornado. I hope you had a chance to relax, spend time with friends and family, read a few books, or binge watch a show or two.

I plan to use this space to report on the long list of goals and activities the Prudential Committee, our governing body, plans to undertake during the church year. A few of those goals are launching the Love Beyond Belief™ program; working with our minister, Liz Lerner Maclay, to understand and implement her vision of pastoral care; and laying the groundwork for celebrating the 300th anniversary of our congregation and the return of General Assembly to Providence, both of which are occurring in 2020.

This month, I would like to share a few updates on activities which occurred during the summer months. We launched a team, chaired by Neil Bartholomew, to define our sound system issues, determine solutions and costs, and ensure recommended solutions position the church to take advantage of Internet-streaming technologies. The Personnel Committee, led by Kate Bowden, will be looking into the need for and feasibility of hiring an additional staff member for pastoral care. The Sanctuary Host Team has been meeting regularly to prepare to for our first guest, and they have received all necessary approvals from the city. Full steam ahead! We have also taken steps to upgrade our security system to make our environment safer for all who visit, work, and worship in our buildings.

Volunteers! We need you! Several groups will be reaching out to you individually or via a general request for help during the church year. Please raise your hand or say “yes” to a volunteer opportunity. Your generous contributions of talent and time can make a difference in the life of our congregation.

I encourage you to find out more about the Prudential Committee. Stop by our bulletin board in the Parish House hallway to see our pictures, review the agenda for an upcoming meeting, or review meeting minutes of our past meetings. The Prudential Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month (except during the summer) at 6:45p in the Haynes Room. Meetings are open to the all and I encourage you to attend. With the help of the Communications and Technology teams, you will soon have access to some Prudential Committee materials on the church’s website.

And finally, if you have not done so, stop, look up as you approach the church, and take a long gaze at the restored steeple and building. Your contributions made this beautiful work possible. Thank you – –and welcome to the start of a new church year.


John Simmonds
President, Prudential Committee