In keeping with the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of eclectic (“deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources”), this show brings together three different artistic approaches, from the perspective of style, medium and technique.


Phil Gruppuso’ s three-dimensional wood pieces display an extraordinary diversity of textures, colors and patterns. In designing the pieces, he aims for fine lines and pleasing proportions. Most of his work is relatively simple as opposed to ornate, but he sometimes emulates classical forms, usually reinterpreting them with a contemporary sensibility.

Cindy Manchester approaches each of her paintings as a blank slate and applies layer upon layer of mixed media and color in a spontaneous and intuitive way. She has found that abstract art has opened her up to new worlds and hopes that the viewer will have their own experience of discovery. 


Lu Riccitelli works mainly in collage. Her collages vary in subject and her technique has evolved over the years. She finds working in this medium much freer than in any other and follows her instincts when she is creating. The Impressionists, Post-impressionist, and a variety of 20th century artists have influenced her the most.