First Unitarian Church of Providence
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spiritual leaders' covenant
2016 - '17 Resource Book

leadership covenant, '16 - '17
lifespan spiritual leadership

CBO: We recognize that we are a part of a mystery much larger than ourselves, and that the experience of being human is one that separates us from an awareness of that unity. We believe that separation and the pain that comes from it can be transformed into meaning in which our lives and our communities are made more whole. Our religious community, The First Unitarian Church, is that place where we choose to do our lives' work, where we come to promote tikkun olam - the healing and wholeness of our hearts and of our world.

CSS: To that end we will engage in authentic collegial collaboration based on trust, accountability and commitment. We will promote a spirit of community that is based in our Unitarian Universalist principles and values, so that we, this congregation and its members might all be served in efforts to find and make meaning within the many complex and varied explorations, programs and activities of the congregation, so that we all might be better able to pursue a religious course in the transformation of hearts, homes, communities, and the world.

CBO: Believing that our professional relationships promote a culture for all congregational relationships, we covenant to bring honesty, integrity, skill, a collegial spirit and a willingness to work hard with a sense of purpose, humor and vision. We will try to meet weekly (usually on Tuesdays). During those meetings we will set aside time to see how our relationships are doing; to deal with disagreements openly and respectfully; to celebrate success enthusiastically. We will avoid destructive, triangulated relationships by dealing directly with persons or groups, and by redirecting those who might attempt to put us in the middle.

CSS: We will handle confidentiality on a need-to-know basis or for peer support and direction. We will respect one another’s work and personal boundaries, we will not intentionally surprise each other in front of a larger group. We will give honest feedback and remain open to new ideas. We will support one another in times of stress and encourage one another in self-care. All of our work will be done through the lens of serving this congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Association and the larger world.

CBO: We are thankful for the opportunity to do these things in a spirit of joy and camaraderie in the service of our congregation.

So Covenanted,
between the Director of Religious Education, Cathy Seggel,
and the Interim Minister, Charles Blustein Ortman,
First Unitarian Church, Providence, Rhode Island
September, 201​6​