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Campus UUs Brown University Unitarian Universalist Group (BUUUG)
Campus UUs offer college-agers from diverse backgrounds a place to find friendship and to explore their spiritual journeys in a faith community. Students from Brown, RISD, and other neighboring colleges, as well as all young adults in the region, are welcome. Group members attend and participate in worship services, social action, and meet weekly in the Parish House. Activities include fireside worship, games, multi-faith forums, parties, trips, and overnights. Everyone is encouraged to help with ideas and planning. Lovingly nicknamed BUUUG, this UU campus group had its constitution approved by the Brown University Council of Students in 2003 and is co-affiliated with First Unitarian and the Office of the Chaplain & Religious Life at Brown.

Student Facilitators: Kim Meilun & Elias Ellison

Advisor/Brown Religious Life Affiliate: Cathy Seggel