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Welcome to Spiritual Pathways, the First Unitarian Church of Providence’s faith development/religious education community for our children, from infancy through high school and continuing into adulthood. We seek to provide all ages with a secure and nurturing environment in which to explore their spirituality and grow in their UU faith.

During the school year, there is a comprehensive faith development program for children and youth from infancy through early adulthood; this Spiritual Pathways program is in session from 10:30a to 12:00p most Sundays. In the summer, a program for young children is provided each Sunday. Worship for young people is the anchor of our Spiritual Pathways program, blending time in church and chapel. Adults, children, and youth worship together in the Meeting House for multigenerational services on holidays and other important times. Young people begin with adults in church on appropriate occasions, leaving for classrooms part way through the service. On all other Sundays, young people worship in the Auditorium chapel. Chapel services are created and led by our Director of Religious Education, Cathy Seggel, and Youth Music Director, Marcia Taylor.

Register for Spiritual Pathways
our Young People's Sunday Morning RE Program, 2017 - '18

All children and youth must be signed up each year. There are three ways to register. Choose the method you prefer:

1. Sign up in person.
Onsite registration begins on Sunday morning, September 10, and is ongoing.

2. Download this year's PDF - now available.
Then print, complete, and return it to the church office.

3. Use the Google Form - this year's form coming soon!.
To submit your registration online.