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While we are a Free Church, the truth is a free church does not exist without cost. This cost involves both time and money. As an independent body, for example owning our own property and calling and dismissing our own minister, we seek ways to manage our responsibility for each other and our institution through a variety of means.

We are governed by a Prudential Committee, a Board of Trustees elected by the Congregation and who are responsible for the financial health of our community as well as the oversight of our various commitments. We call a Minister who is responsible for the spiritual health of our congregation. We engage a Religious Educator, a professional directly responsible for the education of our children as well expanding our program for adults.

Finance and Investment Committee
The Finance and Investment Committee oversees the church's investments and provides strategic financial advice to the Treasurer and the Prudential Committee.

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee is charged with studying and planning ways to strengthen the congregation's financial support of the church. The committee's tasks include reviewing and providing the PruComm with analysis of congregational giving history; making recommendations to the PruComm and the Canvass Committee on conducting the annual pledge drive; identifying and recruiting Canvass chairperson(s) and committee members; and linking with and supporting other fund-raising efforts such as Planned Giving.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
The Buildings and Grounds Committee develops and oversees a maintenance program for the church's buildings and grounds and provides the Prudential Committee with a report of planned annual expenditures, keeping them apprised of its major maintenance expenditures. They also recruit and organize volunteers for annual spring and fall building and grounds cleanup projects. This committee also plans and oversees capital improvements to the buildings and grounds of the church.