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2017-'18 Pledge Form

Year Four of our RACE TO 300 in 2020

We continue with our seven-year initiative that honors the Congregation's 300th anniversary approaching in 2020. The Race to 300 has been gradually eliminating our dependency on the Property Fund Endowment Our annual operating costs will soon be covered fully by the congregation. We have been successful in meeting these incremental goals so far, and look forward to another successful year in 2018 together. Read more about the Race to 300 here.

Your financial commitment allows First Unitarian to budget its operating expenses and continue our vital work for social justice, fellowship and spiritual growth. We are the keepers of this church - we commit to caring for it together by each of us giving as we are able.

To run our church this year, we will need to raise $500,000
- how much you can you cover? Please consider:

  • if you plan to give, pledge it so the church can budget with confidence
  • give at a level that is realistic to your household & based on the significance of the church in your life
  • if your household gave to the Capital Campaign, we do not expect an increase!

Your pledge will become part of the operating budget for the full church year (July 7 to June 2018).
Pledges of support can be paid in a one-time sum, or over the course of the year as you choose -
including by cash in the weekly offering at service. Ask a Greeter or Usher at service how to register your offering.

Many households pay towards their commitments automatically each month. Setting up an automatic monthly payment through your bank is easy. See the Automatic Giving item in our Pledging FAQ for more information on four ways your household can set up small, recurring payments - or speak with a member of the Canvass today!

For the church year beginning July 1, 2017, please record my/our commitment to the First Unitarian Church of Providence in the amount of

State Zip
Home phone

Payment options:

I/we plan to pay by
(please check one):              
I/we plan to make payments:
check payable to First Unitarian Church of Providence
cash monthly  
will set-up Auto Pay quarterly  
  yearly (month: )
Additional notes or comments:

If this is your first time and you're unsure about how much to pledge, consider using the Unitarian Universalist Association's Fair Share Guide to Giving, Check out our Pledging FAQ on Automatic Payments for set-up options and you can always request a conversation with one of our Visiting Stewards. Stewardship conversations are a chance for your household to talk with someone for practical advice on giving, what our covenant of generosity is, and how it works. To schedule a visit, or if you have any questions, please contact the Canvass co-chairs Beth Armstrong ( or Gregory Waksmulski (